God Mother Shaves Hair to lend a ‘Helping Hand’


In an effort to give a ‘Helping Hand’ to the charity, Tania Holme’s – Dans godmother – has decided to raise money, in tribute to him by shaving her hair for charity. Her amazing act of generosity in raising vital funds to Dans Helping Hand Fund will mean The Charity is able to help ever more bereaved families, loosing loved ones.

After all Dans Helping Hand was founded in Daniels name as a legacy to him. The Charity currently works closely with Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield and the Charity has plans that would see it expand to a national level, but we need your help.  By donating through this fundraising campaign you can help bereaved families with funeral costs. The Smallest donations make big differences.

You can read Tania’s personal message below:

Tania is lending a

Tania is lending a “helping hand” in support of our cause.

My godson sadly lost his battle to cancer, in June. It is absolutely heartbreaking to lose someone, but lose a child is just the worst feeling ever imaginable.

To Carry Dan’s Legacy, we have set up a registered charity in his name. The charity will be to help bereaved parents with funeral costs of young adults between the ages of 16 and 24.

As a child there maybe some sort of help, as an adult most people have insurance, but how many teenagers do you know that have money to pay for a funeral?

The Goal of Dans Helping Hand is to help these families.

I will therefore be shaving my head in support of the charity in order to raise vital funds to help others


You can donate to the amazing cause using the donate buttons below.


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