October 1, 2017


Hi Trish

I thought I would drop you a line, especially after we have applied for so many grants from Dan’s Helping Hand over the past few weeks.

We can’t begin to thank you and everyone enough for raising the money that you have and allowing our families the access to your service. Thankyou to yourself and all the people who have raised money to help our families at the worst time of their life. As you know, it’s hard enough when a child dies but to then have to find the money for their funeral proves near impossible and heart-breaking for any parent. Dan’s Helping Hand is so appreciated by us all and is so important to us too, especially knowing Dan as we did, I can whole heartedly say he would be made up with all that everyone has achieved in supporting his charity.

This year Dan’s Helping Hand has already helped 7 families which makes it a total of 12.

Thank you from each and every one of the parents you have helped and thank you from all the Teenage and Young Adult Team.

Keep up the good work…

Much love

(Dan’s favourite teenage and young adult nurse specialist)

September 20